Darshayita Paul

Adding Emotions to Imaginations ❤️✨

Darshayita Paul

Darshayita is an undergraduate student, studying Bachelor's in Science. She has a keen interest in every small things that she notices around her.

She loves reading different books like science fiction, adventurous, crime fiction and so on.

In her early teenage, she used to edit lyrics of several songs and make her own version of it.

As time passed and she grew up, she could hardly realise how her editing game turned into a beautiful passion.

Now she writes down random thoughts and scenes in form of free, rhyming verses & ballads as well. She loves to write lyrics and compose them into her own songs, write down strange stories and much more.

Her another hobby is singing. She keeps on humming several English, Indian classical or other songs throughout the day.

You can get the real flavour of her writings, in the book below.